Program Overview

Faculty of Business Administration, National Institute of Development Administration, has organized courses Security Investment Consultant, SIC or basic knowledge of the financial market and securities investment (Single License) to prepare the securities business personnel and those interested in testing for license registration "Securities sellers" in contact, solicitation, advice or investment planning, investors for trading or investing in securities.

Program Introductions

The course content will focus on students to gain basic knowledge of Finance and investment. Financial instruments Including ethics and standards of practice to be able to do this correctly.

Security Investment Consultant, SIC course, comprehensive content for testing to license securities investment advisors. It consists of 3 subjects as follows (total 24.5 hours).

Section 1 Financial mechanism, financial market structures and basic investment principles 14 hours
   - Financial system and financial market structure.  
   - Equity Market  
   - Debt Securities Market  
   - International financial markets, the returns and the risks of investing in individual securities  
   - Information for decision-making in financial markets  
   - Securities Analysis  
   - Securities Management  
   - Investment planning  
Section 2 Introduction to various types of instruments and valuation 7 hours
   - Basic knowledge and valuation of Equity Instruments  
   - Basic knowledge and valuation of Fixed Income Securities  
   - Mutual Funds and Investment Units  
Section 3 Law and Ethics 3.5 hours
   - Criteria for conducting securities business and performance of the investor contact person  
   - Law on unfair dealing with securities trading and anti-money laundering laws  
   - Regulation on the issuance and offering of various types of instruments  
  1. Personnel in securities business, who wish to take the exam to obtain a license to be a Security Investment Consultant, SIC or Single License (old), SL.
  2. Individuals who are interested in financial literacy and are interested in becoming a securities business person.
  3. Students who want to become a securities business.
  • Batch 1 : Training on 9, 10, 16, 17 March 2562.
  • Batch 2 : Training on 11,12,25, 26 May 2562.
  • Batch 3 : Training on 6, 7, 13, 14 July 2562.
  • Batch 4 : Training on 7, 8, 14, 15 September 2562.
  • Batch 5 : Training on 2, 3, 9, 10 November 2562.

5,850 Baht or if you apply before the actual training day 15 days will be reduced to 5,400 Baht per person + free cram for an examination to summarize the content and take another 7 hours (total more than 31.5 hours).

  • Books + Study Note includes 3 books worth over 500 Baht (free) and other lectures.
  • Snack + luncheon.
  • Certificate of NIDA (Participants must attend at least 80% of the total training time).
  • Get the right to repeat the training! After completing the training within 1 year.
  • If sent on behalf of a juristic person, the training fee can be tax deductible up to twice!!


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