Enterprise Training Program
Unit of Business Incubator, National Institute of Development Administration

1. Executive Summary

       The empowering capacity of professors and graduate to be the entrepreneur. The important fundamental basis is providing direct knowledge and experience as well as consulting in running business continuously. It is creating a learning process from grassroots to the upper level. The Unit of Business Incubator in higher education institutions, it plays an important role in the operation to achieve this goal. By integrating research knowledge and in academic fields of the Institute used to benefit. The potential of teachers in the institution takes part in enterprise training activity and create the opportunity for students, alumni to join the activities of the Unit of Business Incubator to develop themselves into entrepreneurship. These can create tasks, make career easier. It can be established and operated in a systematic way, confidence, quality double merit, and sustainability in business. This will reduce unemployment. It is one of the ways to revive the economy of the country.
       National Institute of Development Administration is the only higher education institution of the state in Thailand, operate only graduate students (Higher than Bachelor Degree). The emphasis in the field of management and development. It also has research responsibilities, training, provide other academic services to government agencies, state enterprises, private Business and the public. In recognition of the importance of this, the institution's capacity in providing education and advisory services to both government and private entities. The staff is well-equipped with a lot of knowledge and experience such as Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Public Administration, Faculty of Economic Development, Faculty of Applied Statistics and faculty of language and communication. Encourage institutions to have strong strengths to fully support their operations and ready to set up an Unit of Business Incubator. The integration of such knowledge to strengthen the potential of teachers, graduate to be the next entrepreneur.

Vision / Mission

  • It is a center of empowerment of teachers and students to become entrepreneurs.
  • By integrating the knowledge and application of science in various fields within the institution to maximize benefits as well as seeking external partners.


  • Focus on the potential of teachers and students, alumni to become entrepreneurs.
  • Integrate research knowledge and academic in many fields of science to benefit and connect with the world of business.
  • Focus on the potential, availability of the institution and collaborate with private sector/industry.


  1. To establish an Unit of Business Incubator and develop the faculty of teachers and students, alumni to become entrepreneurs in the near future.
  2. To integrate research and academic knowledge within the institution, use it to benefit and connect with the business world.
  3. To promote and create the career to the entrepreneur easier. This will result in more job creation.
  4. To promote the creation of the network in the wide area between entrepreneurs as well as the opportunity to exchange, transfer knowledge and experience from the faculty of teachers and experts.

Target group

  1. Faculty of teachers and collegians who are studying at the master's level every year and all the faculty in the institution which interested and intend to be an entrepreneur.
  2. Alumni of the Institute
  3. Guest

2. Location and contact of Unit of Business Incubator, National Institute of Development Administration
Location : Unit of Business Incubator, National Institute of Development Administration
National Institute of Development Administration
8th Floor, Boonwat Atthakorn Building118 Moo 3 Seri Thai Road Klongchan, Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240
Tel. 02-7273973, 02-7273984, 02-3771231-2
Fax 02-3743282, 02-3753924
Time : Monday to Friday from 8.30 - 17.00 (Except Saturday – Sunday and public holidays)

3. The concept to create the new entrepreneur process.
       The process is divided into 3 phases, from the first phase (Pre-incubating) is seeking prospects and potential entrepreneurs to enter the second phase (Incubating) is business incubation and commercialization concepts are ready to emerge as strong enterprises and can be separated from the Unit of Business Incubator. In the third phase (Post-incubating) finally as detailed in the overview of incubator services of the Unit of Business Incubator.

Phases Content / Scope of Services What will the user receive ?
The first phase Pre-incubating 1. Research Seeking and inventing new research and development and new innovation through 3 sub-projects that are recruited and selected throughout the year include:  
  1.1 Project to open a brainstorming workshop for new strong entrepreneurs (Focus on the faculty of teachers and researchers of the university) - Search and registry services for intellectual property
- Do the business plan.
  1.2 Innovative projects for young consumers (Focus on student groups, alumni, current students in every year) - Winning prizes from business plan contest and masterpiece.
- Search and registry services for intellectual property
  1.3 The project supports all ideas for the Thai economy. (Focus on outsiders or from other SMEs projects to be continued). - Search and registry services for intellectual property
- Training in business plan writing
The second phase Incubating 1. Qualified people in phase 1 will be incubated, the activities are as follows.
1.1 Business Diagnosis, it's interview and talks about business problems, products and services, entrepreneur to find the cause and solution and identifying topics for advice and to arrange the right expert/consultant.
- In-Depth Report from Expert Team / Consultant
  1.2 Training to increase capacity/specific parts to entrepreneurs who want to increase skills in some parts simultaneously with clinical consultation. - Get more knowledge on entrepreneurship.
  1.3 Product and Service Development advise and co-produce all about the product such as design, appearance, functions, applications, packaging and print media of goods, etc. - Products and services are clear and meet the needs of the target.
  1.4 Business Development
1.4.1 Clinics provide business management advice, such as business plans, financial / accountant, marketing, the laws, the importance of intellectual property, etc.
1.4.2 Business Funding
1.4.3 Business Networking
1.4.4 Business Matching
1.4.5 Business Exhibition
- Development of business management system to clear and better.
- Increase business opportunities and expand your investment.
- Reach the target and audiences in wide areas.
  1.5 Pilot Plant / Working Area provide space for potential enterprises and ready to produce and distribute immediately available to the incubator in various stages. - Have own establishments at very low cost
- Get advice at all times.
The third phase Post-incubating 1. Established enterprises have the potential to push the incubator company out to operate their own businesses.
2. If not ready, the unit of business incubator will charge the rental fee at a cheaper market rate. This is to recycle