Mission, Purpose, Goals and Objectives

The Asian Chapter of the MoC Network is newly formed but already very active, comprising participants from universities in Taiwan, Thailand, Kazakhstan, India, China and Australia. The purpose of the Asian MoC Chapter is to contribute to the Harvard Business School MoC Network, and to develop the skills and competences of the participants in the Asian Chapter to continue to contribute high quality studies that enhance the MoC network’s research and teaching materials.

In this process, the Asian Chapter can bring to the MoC Network a new dimension of material based on Asian clusters, Asian economics and developments from the great range of emerging and highly developed economies that the Asian Chapter incorporates.

To do this we are setting out a programme of research to make a positive contribution to MoC research during 2016 and also to build on the research into various themes that underlie the competitiveness of the Asian region. These themes will include encouraging research from participating members of the Asian Chapter on such issues as the following.