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NIDA Business Journal (NBJ) is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal aiming at providing a national forum for effective communication of innovative research findings that contribute significantly to further the knowledge in business administration and its related field. Hence, the target audience consists of academicians, business administrators and practitioners, industrialists, researchers, students, and NIDA Graduate School of Business’s Alumni. The journal is published in paper format and also online & open access at 阅读更多


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NIDA Business Journal (NBJ) is strictly adhered to the publication ethics hereby stated as follows:

Duties of Author:

The author (s) must be responsible for submitting an article that has never been published elsewhere and adhere to the Authour guideline. All names that appear in the article must reflect the actual involvement and participation in the study. No plagiarism in all forms, data fabrication and falsification are allowed. Most importantly, the article content shall cause no harms to the society or immorally affected the ethnicity and culture.

Duties of Editors:

The editorial board has to maintain its neutrality, act in highly academic manner, and reserve the rights of privacy of all parties involved in the publishing process. Editor and the staff may not disclose the author's name, the reviewers, and the results to the outsiders. No fringe benefits will be accepted to enhance the potential of articles to get published. All type of conflict of interests will be closely monitored throughout the process.

Duties of Reviewers:

Reviewers shall accept only the paper for review within their area of expertise. No fringe benefit and conflict of interests will be tolerated. All reviewers will expedite the best of their intellectual capability to accept and reject the article with a high degree of academic transparency. All review must follow the Journal guideline provided and must be completed in a strictly confidential manner.