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The study of microeconomic and macroeconomic theories for the purposes of applying the theories for decision making and business planning. Analyzing economic cases from Thailand and other countries by studying the relationships of leading economic indicators.

The study of statistical theory and quantitative analysis for use in business decision- making: topics include the measurement of numerical data, frequency distribution probability, sampling distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, ANOVA, correlation, simple and multiple regression models, time series analysis, linear programming, decision analysis, and selective topics in quantitative business analysis.

Theories and principles used to study behavior in an organization at the individual, group, and organizational levels. It is a study of Human Resources management, which includes recruitment and selection, training and development, developing positive employee behavior through motivation, and employee retention.

A comprehensive study of marketing philosophy and concepts, marketing plans, marketing strategy for business development, market opportunity analysis, evaluating market attractiveness, determining marketing programs, and controlling business execution to maximize effectiveness.

A study of principles and issues in utilizing accounting information in business management; an analysis of the roles of accounting in product costing, costing for quality, budgeting and profit planning, reporting, monitoring, performance evaluation, and organization control. It also includes the role of financial and quantitative information in making effective, non-routine managerial decisions.

Develops the framework for financial analysis and management and is the study of long-term management of capital and assets, short-term and long-term financing, a company’s capital structure and dividend policy, and the cost of capital

The course is an introduction to the management of production and service operations systems, problem analysis, processing controls for both quantity and quality and an examination of the concepts and principles of operations management for both manufacturing and service organizations.

This course provides a comprehensive macro-environmental at the global and regional level for an effective business setting. Spotting opportunities and legitimizing business to become a leader in the industry is discussed. The focus also encourages local business to shift its paradigm to become the global enterprise.

The course focuses on creating sustainable growth of the firms that elevating long term economic growth of the nations. The emphasis is press on how to utilize the factors conditions and enabling it through managing the demand condition effectively. Microfoundations of organizational routines and capabilities will be analyzed to promote firms prosperity and economic development of the nations as well. Case study from Fortune 500 and lesson learn from the great competitiveness of nations will be discussed.

Managing human capital is a strategic responsibility and competency increasingly shared by an organization’s leaders to increase company competitiveness. This course aims to teach corporate executives how to leverage their workforces’ skills, knowledge, and experience, which is a critical source of competitive advantage for a company when managed properly. Key functional areas of human capital management and positive work behaviors will be explored as platforms on which to build a high-performance organization.

A capstone course that integrates all functional areas of business administration with practical application to realistic business problems, strategic management processes from corporate and departmental levels, and strategic implementation including corporate design, control systems, and resource allocation. Prerequisites: AB.6100, AB.6200, AB.6300, AB.6400, AB.6500

Special and contemporary topics in business determined and announced by the School before the begging of each semester. Prerequisite: At the instructor’s discretion

An independent study, advanced-level investigation analyzing symptoms, problems, and causes, and includes a business audit and a business plan integrating various functions in business. Prerequisite: AB.6100, AB.6200, AB.6300, AB.6400, AB.6500 (for students in plan B)

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