NIDA International Business Conference


March 12, 2017 

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Thank You!

The conference had over 460 attendees.

We are deeply appreciative of the keynote speakers, plenary session speakers, paper and showcase presenters, attendees, session chairs, reviewers, exhibitors, and our staff and volunteers for making NIDA International Business Conference 2017 a successful event!

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Innovative Management: Bridging Theory and Practice

The 2nd NIDA International Business Conference brings together academics and industry professionals in various disciplines to network, exchange, and share their latest ideas, knowledge, and experiences related to the theme of the NIDA International Business Conference 2017, “Innovative Management: From Theory to Practice”.

The main focuses are not only to discuss both theoretical and practical challenges that academics, researchers, managers, and entrepreneurs are encountering and the proposed solutions they consequently adopt, but also to explore innovative business philosophies that can be applicable in business settings and can guide best practices.

We often face the apprehension that the outcomes are absent of confound values when business principles are applied in practice. In fact, many organizations are preparing for changes from the widespread adoption of new business practices involving new paradigmatic innovations from social media, global competition, new market development, financial reregulation, big data, and new government policies. Consequently, they are faced with many new dilemmas and uncertainties that those innovations bring to their business and, clearly, there is a need to describe the use of the learning and innovative theories that can support best practices.