Double Degree Program


NIDA Business School MBA/Indiana University at Bloomington Kelley School of Business MS double degree program Students in NIDA’s International MBA degree programs can take their NIDA Business School MBA and career to the next level by adding a separate specialty MS degree from the highly acclaimed Indiana University Kelley School of Business Kelley Direct Online program. By adding a MS degree in either Business Analytics, Finance, Global Supply Chain, Marketing, or Strategic Management from Kelley School to your NIDA MBA degree the double degree graduate will differentiate himself/herself from other MBA's by having a more comprehensive depth of knowledge in the specific area. It is one step closer to a PhD but without the research emphasis;but rather the emphasis is on novel knowledge implementation rather than knowledge creation.

In pursuing the respected Kelley MS degree, you’ll learn from the same highly ranked faculty that teach Kelley’s in-residence degree programs, gaining the best business skills from some of the world’s best business faculty and researchers. The Kelley School online MS and MBA have been ranked #1 and #3 by U.S. News & World Report and are accredited by AACSB International and is the first online degree program offered by a top business school.

The double degree program allows students to earn both degrees simultaneously. NIDA MBA students can qualify to begin taking Kelley School MS online courses to earn credit towards their Kelley Direct MS degree before they have graduated from NIDA but after completion of at least eighteen (18) credits of NIDA Business School MBA courses of which nine (9) credits are in majors approved for credit toward the Kelley MS degree.

Example of program: After a student has completed a forty-eight (48) credit-hour NIDA MBA degree Kelley shall provide the instruction for the fifteen (15) credit hours of the Master of Science (MS) degree in an online format, through Kelley’s Kelley Direct (KD) program.

Students may also qualify for financial aid provided by Kelley School as well as add on a optional one-week in residence session (travel expenses, accomodation, and extra costs are not covered under the fees for the double degree tuition).

Terms subject to change by IU Kelley School of Business. 
Interested students, please contact NIDA Business School staff for details and processes.