NIDA International Business Conference


March 3, 2018

Submission Guidelines

  1. A maximum of two (2) papers, either as an author or a co-author, may be submitted.
  2. The paper submission shall not exceed 5,000 words (excluding the abstract and references). The maximum length of the abstract is 125 words.
  3. The papers submission(title,abstract,body,references,exhibit, and table)must be in one document created in Microsoft Word(.doc,.docx)format
  4. All author-identifying information, including acknowledgements, must be removed. Paper with author identifying information will not be forwarded for review
  5. use Time New Roman 12-Point font,double spaced,1-inch(2.5cm) margin all around and "8.5 X 11" page setting. Be sure to number all of the papers of the paper submission.
  6. Reference Style should follow the americal Psychological Association(APA Style format - 6th edition)system of citing sources. For the APA style format, you can visit the or download a sample file here
  7. All Paper that do not conform the guideline stated in 1 - 6 will not be forwarded for review
  8. The NIDA International Conference Review Committee will vetify the completion of your submission once we all necessary information on all authors and will forward the paper submission to our peer reviewers(double-blinded review)
  9. NO changes in the paper submission and authorship can occur after the paper has been submitted
  10. At the time of submission, submitted paper must not have been published or accepted of publication
  11. Once the peer review is completed,you will be informed about the desision of the Review Committee regarding your submission. We expect this to be around mid-Decembere 2017.
  12. As a matter of protocal,NIDA International Business Conference Paper Review Committee will randomly select a sample of submitted papers and check it through plagiarism dectection program(i.e TurnItIn,CrossCheck,iAuthencate). such program will enable screening of submitted papers to ensure the originality of written work by deteching mathcing or similar text in published manusripts. Please note that passages from your prior publication should not be identified as direct quotes using appropriate citations, otherwise they may constitute plagiarism