Testimonials Ph.D. in Business Administration

icon-vdo Tran Nhu Quan

“I came to NIDA Business School to prepare myself for the academic field as a university lecturer and a researcher. My expedition and exploration for knowledge has been fruitful. The PhD Program at NIDA Business School offers a vibrant and excitin...

icon-vdo Suthawan Prukumpai, PhD

“During my time at NIDA, I had gained in-depth training through coursework and research. The range of courses offered were helpful in developing my theoretical foundation together with research skills. In addition, NIDA had given me several opport...

icon-vdo Vesarach Aumeboonsuke, PhD

“I applied to NIDA PhD in Business Administration because the faculties profiles are superb and the course suited what I aimed to achieve. The things I have enjoyed most at NIDA are the fabulous research facilities, friendly and supportive teacher...

icon-vdo Danai Likitratcharoen

“I chose NIDA Business School PhD Program because of its good reputation and interesting courses offered. During my study, I was impressed by the excellent facilities, including the wide range of database and collections of academic journals. Prof...