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icon-vdo เรียน  MBA NIDA แล้วได้อะไร By สุธีร์ พรหมเสนะ นักศึกษา RMBA รุ่น 77

หากกำลังสงสัยว่าเรียน MBA NIDA แล้วได้อะไร ลองมาหาคำตอบจาก VDO นี้กันค่ะ

icon-vdo Dr. Niwet Hemavachirawarakorn

       From the ordinary Thai - Chinese guy with the poor family to the VI No.1 in Thailand with the asset value of tens of billion. Currently, only dividends received more than one million baht per day.How Dr. Niwet Hemavachirawarakor...

icon-vdo Mr. Sanchai Teawprasertkul

       In the age of marketing is the heart of almost every business and the competition is fierce, SMEs will survive or not?Is big fish really eat small fish?Find answers with "Aj.Sanchai Teawprasertkul", the leading marketer of the c...

icon-vdo Mr. Sombat Anantarumporn

RMBA NIDA TALK x Khun Sombat AnantarumpornChairman and President of Interlink Communication Public Company Limited or ilink        from the sme that was a typical tenement house 30 years ago.Present, Interlink Communication Public Com...

icon-vdo Asst. Prof. Dr. Nuttawut Janewittayaroj

       The market never has us but when the market down.We go beyond it all the time.When will we win the market and get a high return or really just invest belong to the market index will take a profit?Today, I would like to invite yo...

icon-vdo Nijaporn Jongudomreuk

        In the game or business, winners are always strategically superior to competitors. But in real life, if we want to survive and become the winner, what strategies are needed?What do we learn from reading the Three Kingdoms, play...