The Purpose, Vision and Mission

The Purpose

  1. To carry out activities and provide academic services such as education, research, development of the model, and dissemination of the competitiveness index to the public. Case studies on other research data, training seminars, consultancy for government agencies, state enterprises, private businesses, public, organizations, public organizations, and international organizations.
  2. To be a center for research on the competitiveness of business organizations and/or industrial groups in Thailand. Competitive Advantage Center, Faculty of Business Administration Institute of the National Institute of Development Administration's theoretical, policy and practical. In addition, academic research in various areas that support the competency, such as research projects on corporate Governance, Social Responsibility and Environment.
  3. To promote teaching and training on matters relating to business competitiveness and microfinance training of the competition.
  4. To promote The Dissemination of knowledge and information on business competitiveness in both domestic and international markets, in the form of printed journals, reports, articles, books, publications, and electronic media.
  5. To support cooperation, networking and exchanges of Scholars, Researchers and Students at other Universities/ Institutes, both in the country and abroad.
  6. To support The Application of The Concept of Competitiveness to real practice, such as the establishment of a business simulation company.
  7. To provide advice or comments to government organizations, the private sector and other organizations on the knowledge of Thailand's competitiveness in the industry and in the organization.
  8. To participate in activities or research activities with the public and private sectors to raise funds for the Center.
  9. To provide academic publications to publish the work of Teachers and Alumni to enhance the quality of education.


Mission Competitive Advantage Center of Faculty of Business Administration in the National Institute of Development Administration focuses on providing academic services in the field of research and development of the Thai industrial competitiveness.