Library and Information Center

The Library and Information Center was established at the same time with a foundation of the National Institute of Development Administration in 1966. The library is now equipped with an automated system and has become a completely digital library which has enabled its physical space to be improve and modernized for the convenience of library users.

  • E-Book Station
  • Digital Book Shelves
  • Digital Memo Board
  • Digital Information Notice Board


Student Affairs, Executive Division

Student Affairs, Executive Division is the department that supports the production of Doctoral degrees and Master degrees with knowledge, wisdom, systematic thinking, discipline, and good health, international and public consciousness. Students must be aware of the value of resources and local wisdom by using the student’s activity as a media learning experience.

Student Affairs, Executive Division is the department that develops the quality of life for the learning of students as well as personnel in the institution by providing an environment, welfare, and also is the department that generates a relationship between current students and institutions in organizing activities.

The main tasks are as follows.

  • Support Event
  • Student Welfare
  • Consulting
  • Administration and Administration

Sports building and Student club website (Student Affairs Group)


Master Plan and Building Place Group

The departments divided into 6 sub-groups according to the nature of the obligation and responsibility as follows,

  1. Management and Administration section serves in the care of journalism, financing/accounting, budgeting/planning, materials & supplies, purchasing / hiring administrative, place arrangement, other ceremonies and special projects
  2. Cleaning section serves for cleanliness in the area of the managerial office and meeting room and also supervises contractors for cleaning common areas, collecting garbage in trash at various places including providing home supplies.
  3. Security section serves for the security of individuals/property of the institution, traffic management, and car parking facilities and also supervises the opening and closing building for various agencies, supervises security contractor, and supports general facilities such as receiving – transferring phone within the office hours.
  4. Room service of multi-purpose building section serves the care and convenience to the guests, contacts the booking coordinator, accounts for expenses.
  5. Institution’s benefit protecting section serves in the care of room service of the institution, stores, and supervising of temporary agencies when there has catering in the institution.
  6. Vehicle section serves the delivery of documents / parcels and personnel, registers car and record, proceeds insurance, provides supply and fuel, and maintains of cars.

NIDA Apartment Website (Building and Location Group)