Accelerated MBA


Accelerated MBA (Weekday Program)

  • Business Administration Program Of Thailand received AACSB.
  • English Program
  • 1.5 Years Coursework (Full-Time MBA Program)
  • Students pursuing a bachelor's degree in the last semester or those without work experience can apply.
Program Overview

The National Institute of Development Administration's (NIDA) Accelerated MBA program (AMBA) is designed for those who wish to pursue a Master of Business Administration degree to enhance their potential in all areas of management. The goal is to produce a new generation of professional executives to the international level with teaching in English from the most PhD faculty in Thailand.

Program Introduction

Program Introduction by
Current Accelerated MBA Students

English communication skills needed to complete graduate study. Able to communicate effectively in English for academic purposes.

The study of microeconomics and macroeconomic theories for the purposes of applying the theories for decision making and business planning. Analyzing economic cases from Thailand and other countries by studying the relationships of leading economic indicators.

The study of statistical theory and quantitative analysis for use in business decision- making: topics include the measurement of numerical data, frequency distribution probability, sampling distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, ANOVA, correlation, simple and multiple regression models, time series analysis, linear programming, decision analysis, and selective topics in quantitative business analysis.

Of all resources existing, human resource has been recognised as the critical success factor that is hard to obtain and maintain. Amidst the current speed of change and challenges, people skills are therefore increasingly and significantly needed. The main purpose of this subject has been put forth to explore renowned principles --integrating behavioral sciences, psychology, sociology, economics, and management. Learners will be exposed to selected good practices in Thailand and overseas regarding the core management of people behaviour in an organization and the essential HRM processes from the managerial perspective. Overall, the course aims at achieving the building of human capital that can maintain an effective work and life balance and sustaining productivity and profitability for the organization.

Marketing philosophy and concepts, marketing plans, marketing strategy for business growth. Market opportunity analysis, evaluation of market attractiveness. Determination of marketing programs and effective marketing control.

Concepts and issues of utilizing accounting information for effective business management decision making. Product costing and its role in strategic decision making. Cost-volume-profit analysis. Planning and control, budgeting, responsibility accounting, balanced scorecard, performance measurement and evaluation. Roles of relevant information for making effective non-routine managerial decisions.

Concepts and issues of utilizing accounting information for effective business management. Analysis of the role of accounting in product costing, costing for quality, budgeting and profit planning, reporting, monitoring, performance evaluation and control of human behavior. Roles of relevant information for making effective non-routine managerial decisions.

The course is an introduction to concepts, techniques and tools for analysis of organization’s operational capabilities, which can be applied in both manufacturing and service organizations. The course provides a holistic view of the operations processes in order to improve productivity, quality and customer value.

The course covers types of securities, sources and types of information used in investment analysis, methods and principles of investment decisions, and basic principles and methods of securities and portfolio management for personal and institutional investment.

A capstone course that integrates all functional areas of business administration with practical application to realistic business problems, strategic management processes from corporate and departmental levels, and strategic implementation including corporate design, control systems, and resource allocation. Prerequisites: AB.6100, AB.6200, AB.6300, AB.6400, AB.6500

Since big data promises to turn business data into actionable information, this course will cover a comprehensive analysis of various data mining tools and techniques in the context of most common business application such as sales, marketing, and customer relationship management. These data mining techniques include data manipulation, data exploration, pattern recognition, Neural Networks, Decision Trees, Cluster analysis, Sequence analysis, Association Models, Two-stage modeling, and predictive modeling etc. The focus of this course is hands-on learning of how to use non-statistical (algorithm-based) techniques to solve business problems.

Special and contemporary topics in business determined and announced by the School before the begging of each semester. Prerequisite: At the instructor’s discretion

This course focuses on management disciplines that can help local companies to become global enterprise. specifically, this course provides the basis and advance concepts on leading change, innovation, and leadership. The purpose is to develop young business leaders to be knowledgeable about sustainable growth that emphasize a contemporary approach using competitiveness as a basis.

Special and contemporary topics in business determined and announced by the School before the begging of each semester. Prerequisite: At the instructor’s discretion

An independent study, advanced-level investigation analyzing symptoms, problems, and causes, and includes a business audit and a business plan integrating various functions in business. Prerequisite: AB.6100, AB.6200, AB.6300, AB.6400, AB.6500 (for students in plan B)

Admission Schedule Academic Year 2/2023
Admission Schedule

AMBA Program #13

The 4th Round

AMBA Program #13

The 5th Round

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Till Sep 4,  2023

Now - Oct 31, 2023
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2. Interview Exam Announcement Sep 8,  2023 Nov 3, 2023
3. Interview Date Sep 12 - 15,  2023 Nov 8 - 10, 2023
4. Result of Interview Sep 25,  2023 Nov 20, 2023
5. Pick up Registration Form Sep 25 - 28,  2023 Nov 20 - 23, 2023
6. Student Registration Sep 25 - 29,  2023 Nov 20 - 24, 2023
7. Open Course 8 January 2024
8 January 2024
8. Total Cost (Approximate) 218,100 ฿ 218,100 ฿

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